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Collection: Floor lamps

"A style statement with functionality"

The rattan floor lamp is worth seeing! Easy to move to any desired corner in your home. Give your modern interior a touch of Bali by incorporating the rattan floor lamps. These look great on a tiled floor or cast floor. Are you missing just a little light in a corner? These woven floor lamps solve this with a Bohemian vibe.


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The highest price is €549,00

14 Products

Floor lamps

Having trouble choosing the right lighting?

Lighting in a home is extremely important. It can be difficult to find the right lamps for a specific location. There are plenty of options, but what are you looking for? Is it a ceiling lamp, floor lamp or table lamp that brings light back to that dark spot in your home?
You can see the floor lamps in various places. The "old-fashioned" floor lamp on a stick is the best known. Nowadays, this floor lamp faces competition from the new generation. Namely the floor lamps with organic shapes. The combinations are endless in our collection of floor lamps. The different shapes and heights give a playful effect in the home. You can combine different floor lamps with each other, making your corner a particularly cozy place. Be creative and look at the options in your interior. Which spot in your home could use a light and don't be afraid to make a different choice.
The choice is also huge. In terms of material, you already have different options such as steel, aluminum, fabric or rattan. Each material gives a different look, it is also fun to mix styles. For example, you can add dark lamps in a light interior and incorporate warm elements in a modern interior. Rattan is extremely popular in this regard.

The Rattan Floor Lamp

Rattan lamps give your home a natural vibe. On the other hand, they also give a super nice effect on the floor and walls. The light shines through the lampshade in patterns through the woven rattan. This creates a warm, peaceful atmosphere and an extra dimension to lighting.
The lampshades are available in both black and natural.
The reed is an organic product and therefore very sustainable. The lampshades are handmade, the rattan is woven around the steel frame. Each lamp has its own pattern, making a lamp unique. Also think about lamp cords . There is also a choice of a black color or a natural tint. It's also fun to mix different colors. NB! the cords are not always included. Check the product information.

Natural elements

You also see a lot of bamboo and reed in the interior. The Sustainable and natural elements give a warm feeling in the home. The combination with linen is also often used in lighting. Wood, stone and jute are also more often chosen.

This is also reflected in home accessories. The jutte rugs are also a super nice combination with floor lamps. Different sizes are available so you can create a perfect corner.

The wood and stone work is often reflected in images , which are often handmade and a unique item. The Boho figurines are extremely popular. On the island of Bali, these figurines are made by local people. Most studios are located in Denpasar. The woodworking is mainly done in Lombok and is imported from there to Europe.

Let yourself be inspired

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