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Collection: Rattan Wall Decor

"Rattan has become indispensable, view our collection of rattan living and wall decoration"

This natural material is durable and gives any interior a touch of nature. Create a Mediterranean, Bohemian atmosphere in your home and garden.


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The highest price is €449,95

31 Products

Wall decoration

Wall decoration

Do you want to make a statement in your interior? Then discover our entire collection of wall decoration.

Previously it was nothing more than a painting or mirror to decorate the wall. Nowadays the possibilities are endless. Wall decoration gives your home the finishing touch. Every wall, small or large, can use a wall decoration.

The wall decoration can be seen in all shapes and sizes. By playing with these different shapes and sizes you will get a unique piece on the wall

What wall decorations are there?

Let me take you through the different options.


One of my favorites is a mask on the wall . The Balinese masks and African masks bring culture back into every home. The handmade mask is the art on the wall. The Bali masks are handmade and are each unique. The African masks were previously used for rituals. You can feel and see this in the details of the mask. A beautiful addition to a cultural interior are the woven baskets. Originally these were for stock and transport. But nowadays these look perfect in any home. Functional and a perfect decoration. Take a look at the baskets.

The wicker wall circles are fantastic. First of all, the rattan brings atmosphere and warmth to your home, and it is also great to play with different sizes. If you combine a large wall circle with a small wall circle you create an effect that you will not quickly get tired of. The rattan wall circles are handmade. These are woven in Bali. The reed is woven around a steel frame. This is the same in the case of the Bamboo wall circles. You also often see the Reed Wall Circles with patterns on them. These are some of my favorites. By incorporating the patterns into the rattan circle, the structure becomes more apparent. Super beautiful wall decoration and also sustainable wall decoration. The wall circles are super nice above the sideboard and the dining table. Check here which dining tables we offer!


A round mirror, oval mirror, organic mirror or long mirror. The options are there. And fortunately, because how cool is it to combine mirrors. You can combine the Rattan round mirrors in countless ways. Consider a wall circle in combination with a round mirror. A rattan wall circle in combination with a wicker round mirror, in different sizes, makes your wall an eye-catcher. Not only round mirrors are popular. The fitting mirror with bamboo is also a bestseller. You see many natural elements in the interior. The bamboo mirror gives that touch of nature to any room. The last and often chosen style is the feather mirror. This gives you the bohemian vibe you are looking for in your home. The feather mirror is available in different colors and sizes. The boho mirror can also be combined with a large plant. See here which plants we offer. All in all, the bohemian mirrors provide a great addition.


We cannot skip the Macramé when we talk about the bohemian, Ibiza style wall decoration. You see a lot of dream catchers in Ibiza, the magical island. The Macramé creates the bohemian interior, in every respect. The woven dream catchers with braided cotton provide warmth and atmosphere. You see the Ibiza decoration more and more. This Ibiza style is also often extended into the garden. The marcramé is therefore a super beautiful addition to the garden. Make sure it hangs dry so that it stays beautiful. Use different elements in the garden and living room, also consider an ottoman to complete your Ibiza interior. View Poefs' range here.


A painting on the wall immediately creates the atmosphere you want to create. Paintings come in countless prints and colors. It's a personal choice and there's no arguing about art. Have you ever thought about a painting with rattan? This way you bring extra structure back into a painting. It gives a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Which style do you want to implement?

Bohostyle - A piece of the magical island of Ibiza in your home. The Ibiza interior is translated in this way with the Macramé and feather mirrors. Work with Rattan. The Rattan rugs quickly give you the beach feeling you want.

Balinese Interior - Use natural elements and mix different colors of wood. The Balinese masks give your interior the Bali vibe you are looking for.

African Interior - Bring the Big 5 into your home. Use natural tones and different patterns. See here which images give your interior the African atmosphere you are looking for.

Let yourself be inspired

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