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Collection: Table lamps

"A rotating table lamp is more than just a light source, it is a work of art in itself"

Add these pro pieces to your Boho collection! Choose lighting that is not only functional, but also reflects your personal style. Combine the table lamp with other home accessories to create a whole.


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The highest price is €249,00

15 Products

Table lamps

How can you illuminate the dark corner?

Lighting in a home is extremely important. It can be difficult to find the right lamps for a specific location. There are plenty of options, but what are you looking for? Is it a ceiling lamp, floor lamp or table lamp that brings light back to that dark spot in your home?
You can see the table lamps in various places. The table lamp on the sideboard is the most famous. Nowadays that is not the only place where you come across table lamps. The television furniture is a perfect place for lighting if your furniture allows this. The table lamps are of smaller size and can therefore be more easily combined with multifunctional lamps in the home. You can of course turn the table lamp into a showpiece and place it on a side table or stool . View our offer and be creative. Which spot in your home could use a light and don't be afraid to make a different choice.
The choice is also huge. In terms of material, you already have different options such as steel, aluminum, fabric or rattan. Each material gives a different look, it is also fun to mix styles. For example, you can add dark lamps in a light interior and incorporate warm elements in a modern interior. Reed is extremely popular in this regard.

Combine a table lamp

The lamp itself can be an eye-catcher. But if you want to combine these, there are certainly nice options. A vase or pot next to your lamp is a great combination. You can also play with some extra light by adding another candle or candlestick . This way you integrate the lamp into the whole of your interior.

Of course, the table lamp can also often be seen in the bedroom on the bedside table. The ideal place for a small light that is not too present. This space can also be styled with matching cushions and plaids .

Let yourself be inspired

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